6th Japanese/German Symposium
on@Bubble Columns

Contributors to the 6th Japanese/German Symposium on Bubble Columns
Each of participants who present their work is invited to contribute to the preprints of the Symposium by submitting a camera-ready manuscript to the Symposium. Major conditions are as follows:
  1. The acceptable length of manuscript is 6 plus or minus 2 pages. For the contributors to the special issue of Journal of Chemical Engineering of Japan, 6 to 8 pages of the paper are recommended.
  2. The contributors are requested to follow "Instructions for paperpreparation (Word or PDF) " and "Sample (Word or PDF)."
  3. Two copies of manuscript must be submitted to the Organizing Committee via postal mail by 31 August 2003.
  4. The preprints will be made available to participants at the registration desk of the Symposium.

    Submission to the Organizing Committee:
    Prof. Mikio Kawagoe
    Department of Chemical Engineering
    Nara National College of Technology
    Yata-cho 22, Yamato-Koriyama, Nara 639-1080, Japan
    Tel.  +81-743-55-6162, Fax. +81-743-55-6169
    E-mail:  kawagoe@chem.nara-k.ac.jp