Department of Applied Chemistry, Faculty of Science and Technology, Keio University



Prof. Dr. Yasushi Katayama

The Department of Applied Chemistry at the Faculty of Science and Technology, Keio University originated from the Department of Applied Chemistry established at the Fujiwara Institute of Technology in 1939. The Fujiwara Institute of Technology was donated to Keio University in 1944, where it became the Faculty of Engineering, which was reorganized into the Faculty of Science and Technology in 1981. Up to date, we have graduated more than 8,100 students and produced many world-leading research results.

In our department, students are familiarized with the basics of a wide range of fields in chemistry, such as physical chemistry, inorganic chemistry, materials chemistry, electrochemistry, environmental chemistry, chemical engineering, analytical chemistry, organic chemistry, polymer chemistry, and biological chemistry, as well as acquiring knowledge and skills related to their application. We, the faculty members, are engaging in education and research with the aim of fostering researchers and engineers with high expertise and a broad perspective. Many graduates who have acquired their advanced knowledge and skills in our department are now active in a wide range of fields as core human resources in society.

This department has the following four distinctive research fields.


Environment / Analysis / Chemical engineering



More specialized education and research are conducted in laboratories representing each field. On the other hand, students can freely select their curriculum without being bound by these fields, and it is possible to acquire knowledge and skills ranging from the basics to the application of chemistry over a wide domain.

Our prosperous lives are supported by various substances and materials. These substances and materials are obtained from finite natural resources and energy. In order for humankind to develop sustainably, it is necessary to promote recycling-oriented "manufacturing" that takes into account resources and the environmental load. Let us study the basics of chemistry and related academic fields, acquire the wisdom to utilize them, and open up a new era with the aim of developing a sustainable society.

Thank you.

Yasushi KATAYAMA (Professor),
Head of Dept. of Applied Chemistry in Keio University.