Department of Applied Chemistry, Faculty of Science and Technology, Keio University



Prof. Dr. Shinobu Fujihara

More than 7600 students have joined the list of graduates from our department since 1939. We assure that they all are highly valued to us, because each of them has played a vital role or has the potential to do so as a competent member of society.

Our campus in Yokohama is the educational place where students gather for studying and where they learn what is most important for becoming professional researchers and engineers. They study diverse fields ranging from basic science to applied chemistry before engaging in research work in one of the various domains offered, including physical chemistry, inorganic chemistry, materials chemistry, electrochemistry, environmental chemistry, chemical engineering, analytical chemistry, organic chemistry, chemical biology and polymer chemistry, among others. By focusing on basic and applied science education and research, our faculty members encourage students to cultivate a broad view and to develop expertise.

The following four frames are offered as research fields:


Environment / Analysis / Chemical engineering



In each of the multiple research laboratories belonging to one of the four frames, practical education is carried out laying weight on experimental work. In addition, it is possible for students to select classes needed for improving their creativity and social skills, regardless of the frame they are associated with.

Please come and join us in seeking to capture the essence of design and synthesis of things and living matter that are of great benefit to mankind. To realize the development of new technologies in harmony with nature, it is important to learn from nature while being conscious of our own existence and significance in nature. This attitude, combined with the developed technologies, will bring stability and prosperity to our life. Our next challenge is to sustain them in the future and to open a new avenue for the post-global society.

Thank you.

Shinobu FUJIHARA (Professor),
Head of Dept. of Applied Chemistry in Keio University.