Staff Members


Name: Siro Simizu
High school I graduated: 千葉市立千葉高等学校(理数科)
Nonscientific interests: Eating/drinking with students, ONE PIECE, movies
Constellation: Aquarius
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Research Associate

Name: Kazuki Miura
High school I graduated: 東北学院高等学校
Nonscientific interests: Tennis, travel, climbing, eating
Constellation: Scorpius
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Graduate Students

Master Course 2-year (Japanese Alphabetical)

Name: Yudai Ishizawa
High school I graduated: 慶應義塾高等学校
Nonscientific interests: Playing games
Constellation: Aries
Name: Keisuke Ohtake
High school I graduated: 立教新座高等学校
Nonscientific interests: Basketball, dance, pirouette, taking a walk
Constellation: Pisces
Name: Kazuhiro Katayama
High school I graduated: 千葉県立船橋高等学校
Nonscientific interests: Tennis
Constellation: Capricorn
Name: Yu Kamata
High school I graduated: 市川高等学校
Nonscientific interests: Homebuilt computer
Constellation: Leo
Name: Ryota Kawahara
High school I graduated: 福岡大学附属大濠高等学校
Nonscientific interests: Baseball, Travel
Constellation: Aries
1. Kawahara, R., Niwa, Y. & Simizu, S. Integrin β1 is an essential factor in vasculogenic mimicry of human cancer cells. Cancer Sci. 109, 2490-2496 (2018)
Name: Takumi Nishitani
High school I graduated: 千葉市立千葉高等学校 (理数科)
Nonscientific interests: Watching star, Detective Conan
Constellation: Leo
Name: Kento Mori
High school I graduated: 慶應義塾高等学校
Nonscientific interests: Listening to music
Constellation: Pisces
Name: Norihiro Yokoyama
High school I graduated: 海城高等学校
Nonscientific interests: Swimming
Constellation: Pisces
Name: Satoshi Yoshimoto
High school I graduated: 慶應義塾志木高等学校
Nonscientific interests: Reading
Constellation: Sagittarius

Master Course 1-year (Japanese Alphabetical)

Name: Aoto Inomata
High school I graduated: 関東学院高等学校
Nonscientific interests: Sailing, movies, traveling
Constellation: Aries
Name: Yoshiyuki Osada
High school I graduated: 茨城県立並木中等教育学校
Nonscientific interests: Bowling, mah-jongg, pottering
Constellation: Libra
Name: Hayato Mizuta
High school I graduated: 慶應義塾高等学校
Nonscientific interests: Movies, eating
Constellation: Scorpius

Exchange student

Name: Anna Hüsch
High school I graduated: Gymnasium der Stadt Lennestadt
Nonscientific interests: Reading, Movies, going for walks (with the dog), Games, Climbing and Cooking
Constellation: Libra

Undergraduate Students

Bachelor 4-year (Japanese Alphabetical)

Name: Sae Kobayashi
High school I graduated: 埼玉県立大宮高等学校
Nonscientific interests: Dancing
Constellation: Aries
Name: Hongkai Sun
High school I graduated: 東北育才外国語学校
Nonscientific interests: Training 
Constellation: Aries
Name: Ayane Takakusaki
High school I graduated: 渋谷教育学園渋谷高等学校
Nonscientific interests: Playing the violin, dancing, listening to music
Constellation: Aries
Name: Haruka Takada
High school I graduated: 国際基督教大学高等学校
Nonscientific interests: Dance
Constellation: Gemini
Name: Soichiro Hayashi
High school I graduated: 慶應義塾志木高校
Nonscientific interests: Soft Tennis, reading comic
Constellation: Scorpius
Name: Misato Fujita
High school I graduated: 山口県立宇部高等学校
Nonscientific interests: Watching movies, playing board games
Constellation: Capricorn


Name: Arisa Inoue
Nonscientific interests: Playing with the cat, ONE PIECE
Constellation: Sagittarius