Environmental Chemistry Lab, Department of Applied Chemistry,
Faculty of Science and Technology, Keio University

Led by Tomoaki OKUDA, Ph.D.


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General rules of the laboratory

In our laboratory, all members conduct their own lab activities while sharing limited resources (time, space, equipment, reagents, and research budgets). In order for everyone to perform at one’s best, one should respect the lab rules on how to share these limited resources. Here are some examples of our general rules, but these are the minimum, and we need more effort to achieve something great. Please understand that it is not for the purpose of over-managing members. These rules are not solely determined by the lab PI, but are discussed and reviewed several times a year by all lab members and updated as necessary.

  • ・All members should follow the standard schedule in April (10:00 – 18:00, Monday to Saturday). This period is very important for us to train the new members of our lab.
  • ・In January, the lab activities (generally preparations for bachelor/master theses) may be held on Saturdays.
  • ・All members should determine their own schedule (except in April) and should follow it.
  • ・Attendance for lab activities (such as research progress presentations) is mandatory.
  • ・All members must do their lab work for more than 35 h per a week, and 140 h per 4 weeks.
  • ・Don’t take time off first, do your lab work first!
  • ・All members should be in the lab by 10:00 on designated days (such as the first days of each semester).
  • ・All members should manage their own attendance to lab by themselves according to their conscience
  • ・We share the lab members schedules on Google Calendar.
  • ・We store and exchange electronic files on a cloud system called “box”.
  • ・We can “telework” if one needs to do so.
  • ・Students should submit weekly reports every Friday.
  • ・Weekly lab seminars will be held on every Monday.
  • ・Bachelor students and first grade of master course students should give a presentation regarding relevant literature twice (B4) or once (M1) a semester.
  • ・All members should give a research progress presentation once in every 6-7 weeks.
  • ・Holidays: 3 weeks in summer, 2 weeks in winter, and 3 weeks in spring.
  • ・Students will attend international/domestic academic conferences if they are eligible to do so.
  • ・Students are strongly encouraged to publish a research paper in an international academic journal.
  • ・We respect each member’s diverse activities which are not limited to doing research.
  • ・Using a smartphone is not considered as a lab activity.
  • ・BAD NEWS FIRST!! If you find something wrong in lab, please tell other members what you see or are thinking, even if it seems to be small thing.



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