Environmental Chemistry Lab, Department of Applied Chemistry,
Faculty of Science and Technology, Keio University

Led by Tomoaki OKUDA, Ph.D.


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Sharing our mission is our foremost priority. Here we will introduce the mission and its meaning.

Our mission; The goal of our laboratory is to improve the health of people all over the world by advancing the latest research regarding the effects of ambient air and other environmental media on human health.

Ambient Air and other Environmental Media

The environmental medium is, in a broad sense, “everything around you.” Specifically, something that carries substances that can interact with the human body, such as air, water, soil, food and drinks. Our laboratory has mainly researched the atmosphere, and that will most likely continue to be our main focus, but our interests might broaden to other aspects of the environmental medium in the future.

Regarding Human Health

Environmental media clearly affects humans, but also everything else from all living beings to the Earth itself. For example, particulate matter has a significant effect not only on living organisms, but also on climate change. All of these research topics are equally important. The physicochemical properties of particulate matter (such as particle surface area and charge state) are important parameters for both their effects on biological health and climatic effects. It is fortunate that our research and findings will be useful in multiple fields, but our main focus is the environmental impact on human health.

Advancing The Latest Research

Today, where the pace of invention and discovery is rapidly growing all over the world, maintaining the status quo in a research setting can mean stagnation. In order for our research to be most effective, we should learn from history and the experience of others. Thereby, we can most efficiently continue our own research. We will keep thinking critically and making every effort to stay aware of current research and developments around the world.

People All Over The World

No matter where you are, we are all effected by the environment. And as humans we all share similar traits, from biological to many aspects of human nature. We hope to help all people, regardless of location or nationality. The dangers posed by atmospheric pollution are global issues and we should think how we can contribute the long-term benefit of everyone on the planet.

Improving Health

Increasing quality of life is a valuable aspect of our research, and we are grateful that we can help further such an important metric.



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